In the current dynamic business environments, time is a precious entity to maintain competitiveness and value. This is especially applicable when businesses need to implement highly-valued applications (Apps as well as Enterprise deployments) within a predefined and fixed time frame.

The only feasible solution for the proper development and deployment of such applications is through Rapid Prototyping. Rapid Prototyping allows you to quickly design an application, be it a mobile application, a data-driven system, Business Intelligence report, website or Integration Project through thorough market research and balancing with varied business needs in order to create a new system.

We, at Apps and Systems, have taken specific steps towards equipping our teams with the knowledge of the various facets of Rapid Prototyping in order to render the maximum value to a project undertaken by us within the minimum possible timeline.

Our dedicated rapid prototyping specialists engage the client right from the project initiation by receiving and sharing valuable feedback in order to achieve better results to the end product/ solution.


Our UXD development process is significantly different from our competitors because of our research-driven approach towards UX design. We implement innovative design elements and ideas after thorough research with a grouping of users/customers, using surveys, interviews, and data from existing tools/ processes to devise a newer and better user experience. Our extensive UX development service deliverable include:

  1. Evaluation of the pre-existing designs and recommending improvements and fixes based on that.
  2. Effective surveys and demo tests to check the usability and opinions on the developed design.
  3. Development of prototypes for pre-development reviews.
  4. Extensive inventory for un-hindered content delivery and publishing.
  5. User-specific designs to create better engagement levels and thus, establishing the much necessary brand credibility.


An MVP or Minimum Viable Product development process is an easy way to gain understanding user/ customer feedback about the product without actually fully developing the product.

At Apps and Systems, we utilise agile development methodologies to create a viable “proof-of-concept” with some of the highlighted MVP specs. This helps you understand the probable framework or direction your application is taking and allows you to render valuable feedback and opinions to reflect on the end product.

Our approach to developing MVPs is unique and includes the following methodology:

  1. At first, we identify the basic requirements and desired features of the application.
  2. We quickly build and deploy an acceptable and usable MVP to gain feedback.
  3. The MVP is delivered to the first set of users, experts and clients to test the various verticals of its usage and optimisation.
  4. The last stage involves the activation of the feedback loop where the opinions and feedback from the users are utilised to continuously improve the application. This is accomplished via the ability to measure, learn and build actionable metrics from the achieved usage data.


  • We ensure consistency and technological validation by organising training and technical seminars for our team.
  • We are renowned for our industry-standard customer service and support.
  • We make use of agile and cost-effective methodologies that can help you to save both times as well as money!
  • We thoroughly analyse feedback and market opinions in order to render the best possible end product. We make use of advanced metrics to make your application capable of self-learning.