Mobility is the answer to most major problems in the world today and the digital age has further championed this idea to the masses. The advancement of technology has impacted the concept of mobility more than anything else out there! This has given rise to an increasing trend where customers prefer interacting with your business over their smartphones via smart applications that perform the necessary tasks.

Apps and Systems has accumulated an extensive experience of building mobile applications for a variety of businesses including iOS and Android. Our mobile apps are dedicated to delivering an engaging and intriguing customer experience to establish brand credibility and user retention.


The primary concern of an application design is getting the UI or User interface right! Getting the User Interface right should be a primary objective in any application development process. At Apps and Systems, our design teams implement the various elements of UXD development in the application design process in order to make the UI most viable for usage by the masses delivering all the necessary functionalities in the most comprehensive and user-friendly manner possible!


The most important part in any mobile application development process is actually building the same with the necessary technology modules. We make use of advanced agile development methodologies for quick turnaround and delivery period saving your precious time while making use of the latest technology standards, programming practices and coding guidelines to fabricate a robust technology back-end for your app. Our mobile application development team is experienced in all the trending and major technologies and languages in this space including Angular JS, React Native, Android development, iOS development, Xamarin development, PhoneGap development etc.

iOS Development: One of the most robustly built operating system out there for smartphones, the iOS has created a revolution in the way how users interact with their cell phones. At Apps and Systems, we have a dedicated and well-experienced iOS team to build smart applications that can utilise the full potential of this operating system and deliver a lucid and enjoyable user experience. We have built more than 100+ applications for a variety of businesses and individuals with 2 million plus downloads for all the products combined. Our solutions are highly scaleable as well as cost-effective making us your ideal partner for your iOS development requirements. We can build native as well as hybrid iOS applications rendering you the necessary flexibility of choice as well as expenditure.

Android Development: The potential outreach capability of Android remains unmatched and uncontested making it an attractive option to leverage for businesses across the world. Our android development team can help you to utilize the complete potential of this open-source platforms with cutting-edge features and functionalities. We make use of the latest tools and technologies like JAVA, Android Studio, Eclipse, and Kotlin to make your Android Application stand out amongst the billion plus apps in the Play Store. Our robust security features can keep your application ecosystem safe while our industry-leading UXD development can deliver an engaging and impactful user experience to your customers!


Mobile gaming, nowadays, has become more engaging with interesting plots and story lines to support the overall experience. All the major platforms in the smartphone industry have a hoard of gaming titles for their respective devices and it has rapidly become a massive decision making factor in smartphone purchases as well.

Being avid gamers and tech geeks ourselves, we understand and appreciate the value of a good video game. Our developers can help you to build your ideal game for any platform that you desire with well-framed story lines to support the plot as well as overall interest. We work with the latest tools and technologies in the gaming industry and this includes Unity, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, OpenGL, Corona, BuildBox, Ogre etc. with support for all the major mobile platforms out there including Android and iOS.