An enterprise portal is a platform which helps an organisation's employees, clients and partners interact with each other and access data or information through a single web-based portal. With the growing state-of-the-art technology lifestyles, almost every business is seen to have adopted the usage of enterprise portals to ease complexities in business processes by providing a centralised platform of communication for all users and access control of various resources and applications.

Apps and Systems provide end-to-end portal solutions to large businesses to facilitate better communication, information delivery and collaboration through web service integration to streamline business processes and monitor performances. Our user-friendly enterprise portal services assure highly reliable and secured connectivity within your organisation.

Our user-friendly portal services provide distinctive competitive advantages for delivery of business information, automation of business processes,

collaboration and communication through web and application services to ensure better business performance, reduce operational costs and improve user experiences.

Connect Well.. Communicate Well

At Apps and Systems, we make sure you enjoy an efficient and improved web portal interface for a strong collaboration through the following set of functionalities:

  • Content Management: Our enterprise content management services provide a system solution to capture, store and manage contents from various sources across the enterprise through a wide variety of channels. We offer a suite of effective and strategics way of connecting contents with business processes to leverage better control and collaboration.
  • User management: Our enterprise portal solutions use a role-based access control mechanism to restrict system access to authorised users only. We focus on restricted user administration and highly secured authentication of users across the organisation. We employ the highest degree of standard practices to ensure a single interactive platform for the users to sign-in or register and access vital company resources.
  • Collaboration and communication: No matter how complex your business process is, we offer comprehensive and flexible enterprise portal solutions to foster collaboration and improve communication within the enterprise and other organisations. Our highly collaborative web-based enterprise portals empower businesses to enjoy the ultimate portal experiences to enhance productivity and improved communication.
  • Data management: Enterprise portals capture, processes and manages structured and unstructured data from numerous sources in the organisation in a single-point system to ensure security and threats. Our data specialists with their efficient domain expertise in the field of data management provide high-end data management solutions in areas such as document version control, data architecture and storage, data distribution including multi-media streaming, data indexing and integrated search, and data mining.
  • Business process automation:¬†Our advanced enterprise portal services are designed to meet the growing business requirements on the internet to improve business interactions, control costs and increase customer satisfaction. We integrate disparate systems to trigger better analysis, optimisation, documentation, and automation of new and legacy business processes.
  • Ecommerce: We provide secure eCommerce portal services with a multiple choice of platforms to help you stretch out to the global market. Out wide range of e-commerce portal solution include B2B and B2C eCommerce portals with advanced look and feel and functionalities for the best user experience. Our subject matter experts bring you the finest e-commerce solutions that integrate shopping carts, payment gateways, product catalogues, SMS gateway integrations etc.