One of the most crucial asset of an organisation is its data. Enterprise data is the data which is shared across an organisation by the users to drive better business decisions. Gone are the days when organisations used to follow the traditional approach of managing and accessing data.

With the introduction of the latest data management model, enterprise data services has been in demand to integrate and manage large volume of data through cloud-based applications using the latest technologies in order to reduce cost and time. Apps and Systems has a proven track record of providing the best enterprise data solutions to ensure successful business implementations.

With our enterprise data services, we aim at helping our clients stay abreast of all technological changes to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Our efficient enterprise data services are tailored to meet your unique business needs and processes with a proactive approach to advanced analytics.

  • Integration: We integrate data from multiple applications and databases to be shared throughout the organisation using latest technologies.
  • Quality: To deal with all your data problems, we offer quality enterprise data solutions adhering to the highest organisational standards to avoid the pitfall of manual data management.
  • Scalability: Our data solutions are highly scalable and robust to meet the changing business requirements with a flexible methodology.
  • Reliable: We provide a complete suite of trustworthy and reliable data services to enable you to reduce business complexities.


  • Big Data: The rise in the generation of voluminous data and its transmission from various sources into the business processes have made it very crucial for almost every enterprises to assess the performance of its services or products with the help of big data analytics. Our big data solutions enable you to harness the power of managing large volumes of disparate data and deploy a scalable big data platform to assess your business needs. Our big data specialists are experts with proven expertise and know-how who help you in designing your enterprise architecture and providing customised big data solution to suit your business needs and requirements.
  • Data Visualisation: Data visualisation is the graphical representation of data to derive an insight from large volume of business data in an interactive manner in the form of charts, graphs, reports or presentations. At Apps and Systems, our data experts minimises the complexities of data driven decisions through the use of structured, interactive and engaging dashboards equipped with business intelligence analytics. We employ unique data visualisation tools and techniques to explore mass data and extract the requisite information from the set.
  • Data Integration: In today’s challenging business environment, it is very important for enterprises to manage the information management system through enterprise data sharing to streamline business operations and increase productivity. Our comprehensive data integration solutions help you to integrate data from various sources into a centralised framework to make better business decision and accelerate growth and performance. We simplify complex data flow challenges and provide secured and scalable architecture for better connectivity with your clients and within the organisation.